Monday, August 3, 2015

Hermana Waddell

Miracle every week!!!! So Samael got baptized!!!!!! yay!!!!! we had his date set for agust 8th....but thats conference day so we couldnt do it that we were going to wait until the 15th! and that just puts a downer to everyones day! So with total inspiration our mission president called us thursday this week....(we were climbing a mountain to get to an apointment...ok a reallly big hill...but it felt like a mountain)....and he called I answered very winded and out of breath and he asked me how i was working...(and i was like how does he know! it wasnt me i promise!) haha and then he asked me a little bit about Samael our investigator and he told me to visit him and talk to him today and see if he is ready to be baptized this week....just listen to the spirit and he will let you know what you should do. So we did! and if you are a misisonary you know how hard it can be when they dont have all the lessons and your bishop and missionary leader are working and dont have time to come to a baptism this long story short....he didnt end up getting baptized  saturday.....he got baptized FRIDAY!!!!! and it was BEAUTIFUL!!!! the spirit was so strong! and Sunday one of the 70s was with us so he confirmed him a member of the church..... so beautiful! Samael has such a sweet spirit. he has helped my testimony of the gospel grow so much. He only wants to be a good person and demonstrate his love to his savior and his Heavenly Father. I was starting to get down and depressed this week and this wonderful miracle happened, along with many more great miracles that i will explain in later emails. Heavenly Father really is there....he never abandons us....just please know that. we just have to be patient and know that he is right there with us the whole time even when we cant hear him. Thankyou all for your love. hermana waddell 

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