Tuesday, July 14, 2015


ahhhhh!!! Weddddinnggg! im gonna be a bridesmaid!!!!!! wow!!! mom when does emi come home? how is dnel how is everyone? how is mimi? how is rita!? hows the ward? i dream about you guys haha....i want to work my hardest these last 6 weeks...but sometimes all i can think about is how it will be when i get back and what am i going to do with my life.....but i feel better when i dont think about we will have a family home evening on the beach with one of our really great investigators!!! his name is Samael....he is a chosen one!!!! im really excited! we have a baptism planned for this saturday!!! his name is Jesus! pray that it happens!!!! we are still working with him alot.... but i have faith....

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