Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Okay....I dont have much to say...but things are looking up here....I learned something beautiful about the mission...

On the mission we are here in the Clouds....While in these clouds we Must learn to Fly! and not rely so much on the clouds....that will determine how your life will be after your mission...because when we end the mission we have two jump down from the clouds and keep walking(because we havent learned to fly)....Or we can keep flying onward. Im finally learning how to fly. I have found potential within me that I never knew existed... I love the people here! We found an amazing young man who wants to get baptized his name is Jesus....He came to church with us and loved it.....he is really a light to us.... I know that our efforts are NEVER wasted....He who knows all and sees all notices our efforts and the angels are writing our life in a book up in the heavens. we do more good than we think.....Im so grateful for all of you in my mass email list and many many more that i have failed to put on my email list....You have all made some type of impact in my life, your efforts to lift others are never wasted.....because many of you have lifted me, and I am forever ever grateful. Please keep listening to those small quiet whisperings of the spirit to help lift a heavy head, Let your Heavenly Father work miracles through you.....I beg, seriously you dont know how much good you do. I testify of this in the sacred name of our perfect example of charity and love our Brother Jesus the Christ amen.

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