Monday, May 25, 2015


We need our spiritual bread....pray always and do not faint.... thankyou all for your love and support...This week was slow...I got sick again...-___- but Im better now! YAY! ready to teach and preach and work like missionaries dooooooo! bum ba dum di dum dum...but seriously! I just testify of the power of prayer....How blessed we are in this world to be connected with the heavens....all we have to do sometimes is humble ourselves a little get on our knees and call to our Heavenly Father and talk to him! its not too hard, and we can get so much out of it if we listen to his counsel.... Amo la mision amo la obra del SeƱor. Amo a Culiacan Mexico!!!! es da beeeessssttt i luvvv it....amo a Nacho Libre...just kidding... I pray you all have a great week! and watch this video! and remember that there is more to this wonderful world we have and someone greater who gave us all these wonderful creations... hasta luego! hermana Waddell

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