Tuesday, April 21, 2015

So I got a call friday....after having a hard empty week...Alfonso, my convert from my other area called me! and informed me that his wife and Son were going to be baptized Saturday! Angel and Maria Lucia. and then they invited me! and I went and practically the whole world went!!! i had been teaching this family for 6 months! they became my Ohana! Only the dad got baptized because there were some challenges the others had, but they have know for a while that the gospel is true! Angel the Son has the strongest testimony I have ever heard. It brokeeeeeeeee my heart that they didnt get baptized and werent planning on getting baptized and then they stopped going to church....then right before I left the area the Mom started going again with her husband...but Angel, he still wasnt feeling it...Although we would go to his house and he would pray and cry with us and he knew it was all true, just couldnt find the courage to change and make the "jump". well they made the jump! and now maria Fernanda is next! a complete family eternal. ugh, i cant express the joy I have in my heart! lkdfjeaehdjfkdljfieojrelkra God hears our cries Impossible does not exist! thankyou all for your love and support!!!! hermana waddell

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