Tuesday, April 21, 2015

So I got a call friday....after having a hard empty week...Alfonso, my convert from my other area called me! and informed me that his wife and Son were going to be baptized Saturday! Angel and Maria Lucia. and then they invited me! and I went and practically the whole world went!!! i had been teaching this family for 6 months! they became my Ohana! Only the dad got baptized because there were some challenges the others had, but they have know for a while that the gospel is true! Angel the Son has the strongest testimony I have ever heard. It brokeeeeeeeee my heart that they didnt get baptized and werent planning on getting baptized and then they stopped going to church....then right before I left the area the Mom started going again with her husband...but Angel, he still wasnt feeling it...Although we would go to his house and he would pray and cry with us and he knew it was all true, just couldnt find the courage to change and make the "jump". well they made the jump! and now maria Fernanda is next! a complete family eternal. ugh, i cant express the joy I have in my heart! lkdfjeaehdjfkdljfieojrelkra God hears our cries Impossible does not exist! thankyou all for your love and support!!!! hermana waddell

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

okay i want to just share something my sister shared with me....just go watch it its so beautiful... This week I did something that I NEVER thought I could ever do. my companion and I got on a city bus and I sang, then we passed out photos of Jesus Christ, and the people gave us their direction so we could go visit them. at first when I was singing I dont think anyone was really paying atention especially because it was in english....but after about 15 seconds they all had their eyes on me, and they wanted to know what our message was. I didnt think it was possible! but the spirit was there and the people felt it. Thats why I love this video, sometimes all it takes is a primary song. I sang Be still my soul, and I dont know how but I felt the people understood me. This week has been filled with miracles. I have talked to and met many new amazing people and we shared our experiences and feelings of life. I am so blessed to be here and be able to share this blessing of the Gospel with all those I meet in the street, on the bus, in the store, on top of a roof working, in the gym...donde sea! hay gente en todos lados en cada momento donde sea están listos a escuchar nuestra mensaje en lo que trae la gozo puro, la felicidad eternal. Not a conversation passes me by without me and the other random person leaving a little bit happier than before....and Sometimes it doesnt start off good, they might hate "the mormons" then we get to talking and they realize and I realize, WE ARE ALL SONS and DAUGHTERS of the ONE and ONLY GOD. He loves us all equally and so very much....we just need to smile and put our differences aside and love one another. Amo la obra misional....amo a Mexico Culiacan. Amo a mi Salvador Jesucristo y a mi Padre Celestial. share your talents, if its singing dancing talking, cooking, sports, beauty, drawing, acting, or just being a loyal friend....share them for the greater good, use them to better someonelses life, it is a gift from your Heavenly Father, let him be a part of your gift. I love you all and am very grateful for your prayers and friendships. Les quieroooo hermana Waddell

Monday, April 6, 2015

pues, no tengo mucho tiempo...pero....General Conference was beautiful as usual! and I am learning alot! this week we are going to find miracles I can feel it. Im so grateful for the hope that Christ gave us when he rose from the dead. I know that one day we too will rise and live forever. Only because he paid the price for us this is posible. We owe absolutely ever ounce of energy we have to him. There are too many of us who dont understand the worth of the atonement and resurection, to many of us think it to "be a thiing of not".... But I testify, it is reality, one day we will all know and see, one day he will come, it is as true as the hair on my head. and every knee shall bow and our hearts will be pierced and we will allll hear his voice. Dont just know the story and appreciate it but live it ACT, do something about it, we are not watching a movie, we are the movie. I dont know if that makes sense but it does in my head. I love you all. Be strong, we really are in the last days! and how wonderful that is, let us rejoice and follow the footsteps of Christ lifting up one another everyday, with love, hope, patience and joy. les quiero hermana waddell

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