Monday, March 2, 2015

So we had a great saturday! 2 baptisms....but in 2 different places....Its a long story, but lets just say. Diana who got baptized at 6 pm.... in one building, then Jorge at 7 in another like and hour away.... We made it only to the end of the baptism of jorge, but its okay, it was still beautiful!!! and a miracle... well i dont have much to say. we have been working alot, and have seen little results. But I have a testimony of divine patience... a really good friend of mine just sent me a wonderful scripture that we should always remember....DyC 24:8 BE PATIENT IN AFFLICTIONS, FOR THOU SHALT HAVE MANY; BUT ENDURE THEM,FOR,LO, I AM WITH THEE, EVEN UNTO THE END OF THY DAYS.... He is with us. In our times of Success and especially in our times of destress, in those times that seem so hopeless, he is there begging that we just go a little bit further because there are so many blessings and greater things to come. I know this to be true, I have seen it in my life and I know there will be many times that this will happen. happy 1 year in the mission to me. whoooo.... the time is toooo fast... les quiero mucho hermana waddell

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