Monday, March 30, 2015

I just want to testify of the power of fasting....I have witness first hand this week the miracles that come when we practice a faithful fast, with all diligences and patiences and faith. I know I am where I am because my Heavenly Father called me here, words of Pres. Eyring...He knows our face, we dont remember his. But he remembers ours he knows it perfectly, for he is the creador. I want to bare a testimony directly to all of you who are in the mission or who are preparing or thinking about going..... Know that HE your Heavenly Father called you....Where ever you go on your mission whereever you are, he called you there, to succeed! He has work for us to do in these areas. It is not a calling from man, Trust in him with all your heart, trust in your calling, and FIND THOSE FAMILIES that he has prepared for you and your companion. Love your area and share the blessings of heaven to all you meet. I know he is preparing not only individual souls but FAMLIES that is the purpose Eternal Families.. I am so grateful for the priesthood keys which we have on the earth today, so we can know where we need to go and we can have a connection with the heavens. I know we have a living Prophet today se llama Thomas S. Monson and we have 12 Apostles. It is how it was founded from the begining, and the Church that Jesus Christ himself started, is today in the earth, la plenitud del evangelio, the fulness of the gospel. That is why I am on the mission, I want all families to know they can have eternal happiness with their families. I want all to recieve the light and blessings I have so undeservingly recieved in my life. I want to learn from others and grow with them and get to know those who we promised before coming to this life that we would find each other and help each other return to our father in heaven. I dont know if im making sense because Im writing really fast today, but, I thankyou all for your prayers and love, my prayers go out to my dear friend Hillary right now que sea mejor. les quiero mucho hermana waddell

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