Tuesday, February 17, 2015

I was reading in preach my gospel in obedience where it says it is the First law of the Heavens.....then I read in D and C where it says if we want to build Zion we must abide by the Laws of the Celestial Kingdom..... I can testify that obedience is the key to happiness and success.... we cannot build Zion if we do not live by the FIRST LAW of the heavens. As a missionary we have standards a little bit higher then normal..... we can't be out past 9:30 at night we can't hug boys or watch movies or listen to music or call our mom.....and some of these things that are so innocent and harmless and we might not understand why we obey a certain rule..... but I have seen the blessings of obedience, it is something I didn't really have before my mission.... But I have learned that it is the path to freedom....and if we realllly love our God we will obey his commandments with exactness as much as we can and we will have a DESIRE and enjoy obeying him, because we know he knows the reason and we trust that we will have happiness and we will be protected from harm. I have learned that I love obeying, although there are so many around us who think it is dumb and silly. I know I am responsible before God in the last day....and everyday. In those moments when you decide to disobey to not offend a friend or family member.... Think about who is more important to obey and not to offend and that is our Heavenly Father. Dont fear man, love God and do his will and you will be lifted up in the last day with a Father so happy that you trusted in His judgement more than mans. This week was hard but I learned alot....I'm so grateful for my parents and how they raised me, with morals and understanding that there is always a law, and we have to learn to have structure in your lives... gracias por todo su amor y paciencia con migo. hermana waddell

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