Monday, December 15, 2014



This week has been so great with the new he is the gift stuff that is going on. and we have been practicing for this coming friday we will do a little missionary "flash mob" type thing in the big mall that is here in the city of Culiacan! allllll of the missionaries of culiacan are going to sing, we have solos duets and sing together! I know that with the lord we will be able to sing and touch peoples hearts! This is going to be an opportunity for us to show Culiacan who we are and WHO we represent and really the reason we have christmas..The power the spirit brings through music is unexplainable. Se que vamos a tener muchisimo exito con este oportunidad. Se que este oportunidad es inspirada de Dios y estoy muuuuyy emocionada. Share your talents with others we all have something to give and it is important to let your light shine. I can testify in this moment that there are specific people that you need and specific people that need you. Dont let these opportunities pass you by! and I just want to testify that when we work in unity when we work as one, we have the support of our heavenly father. lets share our gifts with one another and work together to build zion. This is my president of relief society and the taller one ella es como mi mama! and suki my dog in the mission.......les quiero muchoooo y perdon por mis palabras nunca tengo tiempo....pero ojala que entiendan....cuidese mucho hermana waddell

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