Monday, December 29, 2014


This week was hard....and weird...and christmas is not as big in Mexico as it is in the States...but with all of the contacting the cats and birds because there wasnt anyone  home....we kept our smile and our faith....My companion and I keep going sweeping our whole area trying to sing to people hahaha....singing also isnt the biggest thing in mexico....chrismas caroling is weird here....but we KNEW there was going to be a miracle...and this week some how or another we ran into one of our new investigators every single day in the street or at the bus stop or in the store....her  name is Katy and she is such a Hippie its amazing!!! and she has the cutest kids that have been going to church for a while but arent baptized because of problems....Well at the end of the week sunday she showed up at church her very first time to go with her kids....and she had read a lot of the book of mormon that week alllll of first nephi.....So this lucky day also our old investigator diego showed up.....with a different kind of light to his face.... with our Mission President at our ward this sunday he was able to talk to them and answer questions and doubts they had. Later we had a wonderful lesson with Katy.....who we found out here sister lives in hawaii.....and she feels she has finally found the right path for her......I know that when we work hard our Heavenly Father gives us blessings and he promised us success when we work hard.....He listens and answers in his  ways! I really love this hippie family and I know they are in my life personally for a I am in theirs. I hope you all had a wonderful Navidad and a Happpy New Year! Love yas. hermana waddell

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