Monday, December 15, 2014



We had transfers a week early! SUPRISE!!! :( Im a bit sad because its right before christmas and I found out realllllly late I was getting transfered....but ni modo ire donde me mande mi SeƱor....because I know he has a plan for me in my new area Humaya, This week we had the opportunity to spread the true christmas spirit at the mall in Culiacan, we had a piano in the middle of the mall and about 100 missionarys sang around the christmas was so fun to sing our testimonies of the Savior to all those who were at the mall doing their  Christmas shopping.....I know everyone was able to really feel the spirit, and these are the moments I wouldnt give up my mission for ANYTHING. I will testify of my Savior till he comes again and everyone can see him for themselves...Okay this is the family that has taken care of me my whole 4 transfers in Jardines......they made me a huge carne asada diner.......its like realllllllly yummmy meat was the best!!!! and this is me and my companion hna. wall before we went and flash mobbed the mall! and me in the city after! Im excited to be here with my new companion Hna. Ramos! shes awesome! and I know our Heavenly Father has great things in store for us!!! I love you all! thankyou for your support! and if you want a christmas card email me your address!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Theyll prolly be late to your houses but at least youll get one!!!! much loveee hermana Waddell

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