Monday, December 15, 2014


12-1-14 or go watch the 2 minute video....He is hastening the work. This time of the year is such a special time to hasten the work of salvation. He is the gift. Christ is Christmas. He is the Prince of Peace, our king our savior our brother. He is the reason for living.I feel him so much here with me, he is the only one who can realive us from any type of pain sadness sins we may have. he already paid the price acept the gift, he is the gift. Remember the real reason why we are here. This will be such a special december for me and for all of us. Just testifying of his love and of his existence I feel him hugging me holding me testifying with me. He lives and so does my heavenly Father they live and love us. The message we have is for every person member or not. accept him in your life and live in peace knowing that he is here with us, fighting our battles right on our side. This week has been another spiritual miracle filled week, Im all healthy and stuff now hahaha....I dont have anymore little mexican parisites in my body so thats you all share the gift this year....please...the work will go forward regardless but be a part of it, that is where we find hapiness...con mucho amor hermana waddell

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