Monday, December 15, 2014



Pretty much sums up my week....It sux not to be able to work...Im sooooo grateful for my health that I have and the energy in my body and that I have all of my limbs. Dont ever take anything for granted. I now cannot eat any no bread at allllllllll....or greasy stuff....or anything unless its fruits or vegetables....hahha...but only for a time. Im so grateful for the blessings I've received and the help I've gotten! Mexico is too tough for my stomach haha, its all part of the experience, and the up side is....I've lost a heeaaaps load of weight. Yay im back to normal me! Thanks for your prayers and warm messages constantly! les quierooo les extra├▒o! Hermana waddell

Update from her mom....Megan had parasites and they use very strong medicine to get rid of them all. It was so strong it made her sick again and the dr. reevaluated the dosage and lowered it and she is now parasite and medicine free and feeling much better. She has suffered physical ailments in Mexico, but has an extremely positive attitude and recovers quickly with great care from her Mission President and his wife and many wonderful members from church. She is anxiously engaged in Heavenly Father's work. He watches over her I know it. As her mother, I love and miss her with every breath I take, and I find comfort in knowing that she is indeed a servant of the Lord on His errand to bring souls unto Christ. What a joy and blessing she is to our family and friends and to the people of Culiacan. Thank you family and friends for all your prayers on her behalf and also Emily's. 

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