Monday, November 3, 2014

You gotta keep your head up you can let your hair down aaayyaeee!... I would be lying if I said this week, well these past 5 weeks have been so fun and so easy....but the slow, draining work has been so perfect for me! Ive been learning so much. Watching halloween go down here and Day of the Dead was really cool! Interesting...but cool! Also my awesome companion had a birthday she is now 20! woooo! and someone proposed to me....and asked me to move to his state with him.....ummm.....okay....your like 35...its all good though we contacted him then sent the elders ;). oh then someone gave us flowers and chocolate....we felt like ladies :). The best thing you can do in the mission is realllllly get so lost in the work to the point that this IS your life! you didnt "leave" your life! this IS your life. and you just go and really LIVE and LOVE all the people you come in contact with. a true christlike love. This is last weeks of transfers....who knows if Ill get transfered or not....but Im going to reallllllllllllly miss Jardines ward.....they are reallllly like my family....that is something so maravillosa about the mission....hay un poder en El Libro De Mormon....Es un libro real, verdadero.... Leerlo! Es una guia para nosotros, y la historia de nuestro pueblo! tengo un testimonio fuerte sobre El Libro de Mormon. Cambia vidas. love you all.... heres me...playing the uke at my favorite...(ssshhh, i have a favorite) members house!...then our flowers we got because we´re pretty :)...and fat. xoxoxox hermana waddell

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