Monday, October 6, 2014

Megan is feeling much better. Thank you to everyone for your prayers!!

okkkay.....lets just all take a minute to apreciate that beautiful time we have every six months to listen to the prophet and the apostles and other church leaders. Sometimes we get yes´s and nos to our answers....this week I had the oppurtunity to really work my faith, my confidence in the lord and to recieve spiritual answers for my investigators. The answers arent always as we want. but we need to listen and act. Sometimes the people we love with all our hearts and we think are ready, listen to the lord first before yourself. We lost some this week. but I know the seeds we left were good, and in time they will be ready to accept and act. But with the dissapointments there are always many miracles and much success.. the decisions here in life really do determine where we will end up, and on a smaller scale the decisions in the mission determine the success we will have the people we will impact. When making decisions DONT DO IT ALONE, ask the master, ask him, your heavenly father for guidence! Go to him first, then decide to act and make your destiny something amazing. or for me make my mission one of success, because I made the best decisions I could. Dont just be in the church, or in the mission, being obedient, do something more, get your priorities straight as was said in conference stretch yourself, this life is to be stretched! dont live in your comfort zone, how the heck will you grow. Its so easy and often times I find myself just wanting to walk around living it easy, but you will always have a missing feeling in your heart if you dont learn to live to your fullest potential...we are here to stretch and go beyond we personally believe we can with all trust in god he who truly knows what we are capable of. I really felt like a missionary this week, Ive stretched myself this week more than ever. and Im SO glad for my decision for I know it was what my heavenly father wanted of me. If you havent watched conference, watch it! feel it, then go live the teachings. Okay Ill end with a funny story, so I was at the doctor getting some tests done, then when they came out with my results the called for me " O ke Kai, your tests are ready, O ke Kai mapana maggi we have your tests"....haha ummmm...Im o ke kai, i think....but its megan....then...mapuana o ke kai conpanion was confused and everyone thought I just had a reallllly weird name.....then they asked if I was japanese...hijole.....stay actively engaged in the work of the lord, dont get lazyyy, live with him. listen to the prophet and our leaders of the church....they are speaking the words of the lord. ojala you all stay strong. les quieroooo hermana o ke kai.....jajaja

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