Tuesday, September 9, 2014

This week went by so fast. and guess what! i hit my 6 month mark. I only have 1 year left of the mission. i feel like i just started. well i have no time if i wanted to chill today. so this week....well i cant remember was a fight to get lessons in everyday, just aloooooooooooooooooot of contacting. and teaching english...and a lot of almost getting attacked by a wolf....okay just a dog...but he was reallly big and scary and mad at us for no reason. but a prayer saved us, just a little miracle of the week. oh and one old investigator who has been asleep for about two months here, (litteraly shes just been on drugs everyday sleeping because of some weird sickness) and shes so awake now and went to church sunday and doesnt know like anything but wants to get baptized....we{ve only visited her twice! so we are pretty excited about that...and when our other investigators were being missionaries testifying of the book of mormon to other investigators....and i quote "and we all know this book is true, theres no doubt its not, its just true. this church is just so true." our hearts melted. its the best feeling ever. and i have a testimony on contacting on the bus....its the best.... well send me letters and emails family.....cough cough remeber me....jajaja hijole! les quiero, hermana waddell

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