Tuesday, September 16, 2014

okkkay...this transfer is just going tooooo fast! lets see....

we had a little miracle this week....not much success this week butttt we had a baptism! actually 4! So Paulina we have been teaching for a little while, her date was for the 20th of september...but I just kept feeling like it needs to be sooner! They have to go to church 5 times before they can be baptized. but I just felt it and so did my companion she was sooooo ready! well....wednesday our district leader called and said hey you are going to have to change your baptism to earlier or later because we have conference stuff on the 20th and 21st...sooo with all of the faith in me I knew she would say yes to earlier! and after a little hesitation she did! that small feeling I had was fulfilled! I could tell after so many prayers on when it was time for her and fasting, I knew it was an answer. All alone with not much support, just her and some members at the baptism....but she is soooo strong and beautiful! Also the Elders in our ward baptized three amazing siblings, their parents are members they just never got baptized!!! it was a great saturday...and I gave a talk on sunday about convertidos al señor, conversion and a testimony and the difference....i did it all in spanish a whole 15 minute talk! and people actually understood me! haha. best feeling ever. I just want to say how much I LOVE my job ;) teaching and testifying everyday, feeling the spirit....with an amazingggggg companion! Hermana Braithwaite!!! its the best... oh and we sang my favorite song at the baptism be still my soul! we found the lyrics in spanish! yay! then we were called angels haha....mostly because my companion is really white with blue eyes and blonde hair.....but ill take the complement too :). okay to end let me just share our practicing contacting companion:"HI! whats your name!? Heres a book that will make you happy! oh I love people and friends and santa!" (shes seriously will farell buddy the elf)...then me...."holaaa buenas tardes....oh poooo i mean dias aghhh i mean white and spanish confuses me.. can i talk to you, iheres a book its the best ever.." haha i cant explain very well in email...but ill just tell you shows our personality perfect.....I love this work, I know this is the true work and an obligation to share this truth to everyone. my loyalty goes to my Heavenly Father and my beloved brother Jesus Christ. they are number one in my life over everything! The way to happiness is through following on the straight and narrow path, he knows what really will make us happy. being a missionary is not being a robot...I love spreading my personality that ive grown to love and being my self and making the best of memories!...even if missions make you fat....les quiero mucho, se no es fácil siempre...pero vale la pena! ya no puedo explicar en mis palabras mis gracias al señor....pienso en ustedes mi familia mis amigos cada día! you are all in my prayers! cuidese, siempre se fuertes! xx hermana waddell

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