Monday, September 1, 2014

okay, so coooool experience this week... we just had our multizone conference. and after of course we are all excited and rejuvinated. well my companion and I and four other elders were on the bus back to our area, when it started with two elders we all spread out and contacted until we contacted the whole bus....then when we cleared out the whole bus it was just us missionaries left we were soooo happy then spread out in good seats all over the bus and waited for the next wave haha. then contacted again until we hit our area! no one could escape ;) It was really fun. This week has been fun, really working with less actives, oh and we had a baptism, we had been teaching her, but found out her sisters are members and parents...just dont want to go back, but totally supportive of her getting baptized and she is there every sunday! Poco a poco im learning everyday more and more about this place and loving it more and more. It gets really hard getting people to church, they demand soooo much work from the people here, they work until they drop! its a scary thought for them to walk with faith in the darkness and trust in our heavenly father to provide the way. But I know he will give us what we need if we put him first. Ive seen it in my life, ive seen it in my parents, they always, always put the lord first, then after their family y nunca faltamos nada! we never lacked anything we needed and we lived in happiness. Its a comandment to go to church to keep the sabbath day holy, christ created the eart in 6 days under the direction of god and on the 7th day rested! so we need that rest, and we need that spiritual food at church. trust in the lord, no excuses. when we trust in the lord and act in that trust we show him how much we truly love him. Im so grateful for the example of my parents always putting the important things first. It has helped me alot this week testify of how important it is your familias and going to church and having faith in good things to come after we walk in faith with our eyes closed trusting in the lord. Ive been out 6 months now! half a year! falta un año mas!!!! one year left....weirrrd goes by fast. Love the Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ FIRST, then your family, then what follows....know your priorites and enlign them with the lords...les quieroooooooo hermana waddell

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