Monday, September 29, 2014

okay my last week with my companion hna braithwaite :( but i love hna wall! shes my new companion and im still in the same hot area in culiacan! i love it! so we found a perfect family! im excited. you need to always listen to the promptings of the spirit then act right away! because Miricales happen after. Ive seen it, and ive lived it. my stomach i in too much pain to write....we thought i had danga from mosquos but it turns out i have typhoid....and all i well though becaue im taking good antibiotics. and caught it early....we had another photoshoot....haha we have to much fun...a member gave me a mexican flag....i love them. i love it here. i love the mission. the happiness and success you get when you serve is priceless. we found one of our lost investigators, after mucho fasting and day we left the house right after saying a prayer...not five minutes later he drives by....he listens. then we had a lesson with a family, who the dad is so against baptism...the lesson was going on and on and i had that prompting to invite them....i was scared, and my companion was ending the leson and i jut stopped everyone and asked...the prompting was to was time i knew the spirit was about to change his heart...and he and the whole family accepted the date...he listens. he anwers. do your part and be receptive to those little promptings and you can see and feel the work of the lord. les amo ojalo todos estan bien! siempre escuchan las indicaciones del espĂ­ritu santo, y actuar en estos indicaciones y van a ver milagros! 

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