Monday, August 18, 2014

TRANSFERS!...Im staying here with my companion! thankgoodness :). We have so much more work to do here. I just want to express how awesome my ward is here and our bishop here! I feel like im at home in Liberty Ward!!! Seriously one of the key to missionary success is the members! I dont have much to say, ever. Just Mexico is fine, we have a little rusty gym by our house that we started going to, so Im suppppper excited not to get too fat from all the beans and tortillas here! and we always get free horchata de coco in the streets cause there is a coco man (thats what we call him, he walks the streets selling coconuts and horchata de coco, screaming cocoooo in a high pitched I just hit pueberty voice) and he just loooooovesss us......dont worry we contacted him....well he contacted us....My companion and I are really excited and nervous for this week we have a baptism planned saturday, everything is ready and good, but we are seeing the "other side" reallllllly working on him and us and everything! I know its because he is going to be an amazing youth and leader! So keep him in your prayers! he is a very important soul! So much crazy, fun, funnnnnny, spiritual stuff happens during the week, my mind ALWAYS goes blank when I want to write my mass email , the days and weeks kinda blend together.....buttt, spanish is the same....very hard for me....The mission is just going so fast and I never wanna leave. Always remember your individual worth, because how are you suppose to love others the way you love yourself if you cant even love yourself! its the 2nd great comandment! Something Im really trying to work on! Ive been thinking alot about how every little thing we do in this church is important, once you get baptized you take upon his name! you need to try and represent christ in everything you do! everything! because more then we think people ARE watching! and a lotttttt of the time it is what they see in the people, and how they feel in the church that gives them the first impression and the choice to open the door to the true path or to walk away....sounds like a lot of pressure, but if we are just obedient and each do our part, together we can build zion faster and faster. I just watched 17 miracles and a quote that hit me, something like this " i often looked back to see who was pushing my cart, and no one was there." then you see angels pushing it....There are soooo many times Ive felt like that here, and Im sure all of the other missionaries out in the world....where angels are literely pushing me , carrying me, speaking the words through me. IT IS SOOOOO EASY TO FEEL ALONE, AND TO GIVE UP. Sometimes I really dont know what is keeping me afloat....then moments amazing happen, and i vision the bigger picture, I may not see someone here helping and guiding me, but you better believe it someone is. Because I am on the lords errand and he takes care of his good and faithful servants! dont ever loose trust in him. Ive been thinking alot about all of you who are serving right now with me, my friends, family, and people I dont know. and it just makes me so happy, we may not see each other but we are working together everyday! we all have a part in building zion. thankyou for all of your guys support and love and workkkk! Les quiero mucho Hermana Waddell ....(he will make weak things become strong, if you humble yourself...ether 12:27)

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