Saturday, August 30, 2014

Sometimes when you are a missionary your investigators tha beeeessst ( nacho libre voice)...So close to beautiful baptisms, then BAM they disappear, or flee the country for who knows why....I feel like we are starting fresh in the same area...but it is a okay! because there are plenty of people in this town that want to hear the gospel, they just dont know it yet ;).....we gonna find you, so you can run and tell that run and tell that homeboy...just kidding....thats our theme song for contacting (dont worry we change the words)...hehe..So perfect example of a missionaries sunday.....we visit everyone to get them ready for church or walk with them....half, arent home, we are running around trying to call and find, then we go to our meeting with the bishop, after go find more is starting, a family calls, "well we cant go to church, we are on the side of the road, our tire just blew..." us " oh dont worry we are on our way! "to physically take you to church satan isnt going to win this time!" then we do that and get to church while one investigator was about to walk out and leave, us " hey where are you going?" her "oh well you guys werent here so i wa leaving!" oiiiiiii! noooootttt the pooooinnnt of church....goooodness, sundaymornings are the bessst i love em... but then it all just gets beautiful because they learn and feel the spirit, (we just pretty much have to dragggggg everyone to church...) I feel like my mom... well that was this week, a lot of fighting! also shouldve had a baptism, but 1. there was no water in the church...2. they disapeared....3. theyyyyy disssappppeaarrreed!!!!!! where are they....ummmm i dont know they disssapppearrred! lol....we gonna find you....puesss. estamos animada para la semana vamos a encontrar los perdidos!!! jajajaja. hijole! I love it here, I love my ward, and the people oh goodness my investigators are literally my family here. Our bonds are strong, Its the best when you visit a family or person, that when you first visited them they were so sad, so lost,,,,then just short time after you can see their faith grow, you can see their light shining a little brighter....I wouldnt give those moments up for ANYTHING in this world. We just taught the atonement and life of christ to someone. he didnt understand why christ would do such a thing for us, we dont deserve it.....wellll....that is a PERFECT love for you, and his love for us is growing every single day...lets not waste what he has given us. we have a way where we can live in perfect happiness forever with christ and our heavenly father and our families! how wonderful that he should care for me enough to die for me. I stand all amazed at the love jesus offers me. nunca el finn en nuestras vidas, vivimos con fe ahorrita, preservamos aqui en esta tierra hasta que Jesucristo otra vece venga , porque ya se que un dia esta paso ya se sin duda.....oh esta todo bien! les amo cuidese hermana waddell

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