Sunday, August 3, 2014

So the highlight of my week was I got to see the ocean....we went to a different city for a mission program for a small ward and investigators there. it was great. but after on our way home my president and his wife know how much i love and miss the teasing they were saying we were going to the ocean, but not really cause your missionaries. welllllll we are driving then all of a sudden i see the ocean! my heart melted and i bursted into tears. I dont know why, the spirit and memories were just so strong, my heart was home for a moment. watching the sunset over the pacific ocean....I felt such peace I can not explain. on top of thatttt, we have a baptism saturday!!!! Alfonzo! Soooo exited, he is so ready and I just love seeing peoples testimonies grow! and their lives change! okay i have no time. but the gospel is true, and if you do a little work you see miracles and you are soooo much happier in your life! cuidese hermana waddell

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