Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Okay, the past two weeks have been crazy, and I went to a science museum today so I dont have much time. But We just had another baptism this week! Manuel, hes a 16 yr old happy boy with lots of faith! I love this area, yesterday I helped save a parrot, the family had fed it salty foods...thats not allowed...and there was a moment where it went completely dead, i remember saying a prayer in my head and it actually came back to life!!! It was a small miracle to me....that poor bird...his name is ricky...haha...hes my new investigator...just kidding. Well we are in the hottest month of the year here, and it is reallllly hard to get around sometimes, we have lots of people to teach and find, and they dont live close, no car, no bike, just mister lefty and righty for my transpertation. some days i feel like a pioneer....(but i so know it doesnt compare to their pain). I dont have much to say. Just love one another, seriously is what builds confidence and you need that to share the gospel. Let people know you love them, and truly love them in your heart, get to know them, serve them. We are here on this earth together to help and guide each other. Find the lost sheep, we are all a sheperd for someone and also we are all a sheep for someone. Let us press forward together. I love the lord, ill do anything for him, i will give up everything for him...its so hard hard, but man is it so worth every second! con amor, hermana waddell

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