Friday, July 11, 2014

Puessss, transfers today, its always so crazy! Its been so fun though, and Im with a new companion from United States, I havent talked in english so much in 4 months! its pretty nice haha. We are opening a new area in Culiacan, never missionaries, and the ward has only had elders! So its a bit challenging, but i feel its better, something fresh and new. I am sad to leave my first area, we have a couple of reallllly intelligent jovens getting ready for baptism and I wont be there to see it...but Im just glad they are ready! I see so many recent converts and members who have been since birth fall away here, i have also seen those recent converts and members who are so faithful and have so much love for the lord. To truly love the Lord is not with your words, its through your actions. So many say yes I love the Lord, but do you, if ye love me feed my sheep!!! If we really love him we will follow him we will feed his sheep, we will put everything in our lives on hold we will give up everything for him. We have one investigator that is so scared for baptism because of her family. but she is personally ready! I told her one scripture in Moroni, perfect love casteth out all fear. you need to love the Lord and work everyday for a perfect love for him, if we let the fear of man interfere with our eternal salvation how sad will be the day when we are set before the judgement bar and he asks, why did you not follow me, you were ready, why did you not love me. I feel like my eyes have been opened to an even greater eternal perspective here on the mission words cannot describe. I will never, ever, ever deny my faith and I will defend my Savior until the end. Spanish is going great, I can talk to people like a real person now, so thats awesome! I never want to leave the mission haha, its been 4 months and I feel like its been a week.... stay strong my family and friends. Vale la Pena. cuidese y les quiero mucho hermana waddell

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