Monday, July 21, 2014

okay so this week has been so spiritual and we have had so much success. Its a new area for us so we just decided to go contacting all of the references and really just hit it hard finding people...and we have soooo many people to teach, that are actually progressing. Sometimes its so scary to start a confersation with someone or contact someone, but it is absolutely worth it once you get to know them and teaching and together you feel the spirit, and you watch their lives change and they are following right path! My sister wrote a song before the mission "20 Seconds of Courage" Sounds silly but it really motivated me. We need to be courageous and trust in the lord! if we are walking with him, he will help us he will talk through us! you just have to start! it only takes about 20 seconds to start and pass up the awkwardness, 20 seconds to talk with the spirit and make an impact on someone forever! Im so excited for this week and to really work with the spirit...ill be sending pictures soon, im loving it here. Sometimes when we start to get stronger satan comes in and trys to remind us of every unworthy thing we have done in our lives and make us feel worthless and dumb....but dont listen its not ture words. Everyday remind yourselves how amazing of a creation you are! because he who is greatest created you!!! and one day we can live with him again with our families in perfection with total happiness!!!! les quiero mucho! c! hermana waddell

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