Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Buenas amigos y familias! This week was a lovely week i mexico! After much fasting and recieving priesthood blessing. I had so much faith and I want to share one story that really touched me this week. So about 5 weeks ago in a grocery store we helped this guy about 20 yrs old check out....he was in a hurry and only had to buy olive oil, while the line was like 30 people with chokkeee stuff...he asked if we could buy it for him (with his money ofcourse) we did. and he was in a hurry so tried to contact him but didnt get around the the visiting to teach about the gospel part! lol well this week he found us in the street! he asked if we could visit him and his wife and talk with them! so we ofcourse were stoked!!! well total week we tried knocking on the door and never a reply nver there, we left phone numbers and folletas, but nothing. i had an impression it was a different street, but same number...and it was! we visited them saturday and they had been hoping for us!!! this small little family with a 6 month old baby are just trying to find their way in life and i know the lord is preparing them to hear the gospel! Im so grateful for this experience. He is with us always, ask for help and he will help you! you just need to ask! and be faithful! love you all cambiars are soon and i dont want to leave villa universidad!!!! esta les quiero mucho hermana waddell

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