Monday, June 30, 2014

Photos this time!
 A member of her ward
 Drenched in a rainstorm

 Her missionary companion

 Her district

 While they were out they had to go to the bathroom and this is where they were sent. Yuck!

 Making tortillas!
On the bus

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Buenas amigos y familias! This week was a lovely week i mexico! After much fasting and recieving priesthood blessing. I had so much faith and I want to share one story that really touched me this week. So about 5 weeks ago in a grocery store we helped this guy about 20 yrs old check out....he was in a hurry and only had to buy olive oil, while the line was like 30 people with chokkeee stuff...he asked if we could buy it for him (with his money ofcourse) we did. and he was in a hurry so tried to contact him but didnt get around the the visiting to teach about the gospel part! lol well this week he found us in the street! he asked if we could visit him and his wife and talk with them! so we ofcourse were stoked!!! well total week we tried knocking on the door and never a reply nver there, we left phone numbers and folletas, but nothing. i had an impression it was a different street, but same number...and it was! we visited them saturday and they had been hoping for us!!! this small little family with a 6 month old baby are just trying to find their way in life and i know the lord is preparing them to hear the gospel! Im so grateful for this experience. He is with us always, ask for help and he will help you! you just need to ask! and be faithful! love you all cambiars are soon and i dont want to leave villa universidad!!!! esta les quiero mucho hermana waddell

Friday, June 20, 2014

hey so im trying to get music and stuff so my email will be short but its okay because you are in Alaska and holyyy cow it is so beautiful there!!!!! jealous!! Everything is great here! I'm learning that missions are suppose to be fun and happy lol.... I'm hard on myself alot.....but I'm learning to be softer on myself! I hope you are having the time of your life in Alaska and with dad! love ya lots

Monday, June 9, 2014

Ok, my mind just drew a huge blank honestly....This week, oh yeah...I got un poco sick again....Seriously I need to stop! haha. The food here is not always the cleanest or healthiest for your body, so getting sick is really easy with the heat. anyways, so its been really hard this week, we have almost no investigators, in a bit of a spiritual drought....But I know with Faith and diligently working the rain will come for sure ;). Its just always important to not let those many many moments when people yell at you, ignore you, slam the door in your face, literally run, not walk run like a tiger is chasing them away from you, dont let it destroy your faith! Trust he is preparing the way for specific people to be ready to hear the message. It{s not suppose to be easy, I love my sisters comparison Jesus Christ didnt come to this earth to ride a pony and eat a lollipop....haha...he had a specific purpose...I believe jesus wasnt overjoyed when people spat on him and denyed him, im sure he wasnt laughing when he bleed through every pore for OUR pains and sins, Im positive he wasnt smiling when then hung him on the cross and laughing when crowned him with thorns....but he did this willining, he knew his purpose, With complete charity, pure perfect love he did these things so that our pains would be lighter. How would we grow if we gave up everytime it got "dificult" . These times we should rejoice the most, these are the times we need to remember christ suffered for this moment I am going through right now, HE knows whats dificult, turn to him! These are the moments we grow into people we never thought we could become, these are the moments when we find the "golden investigators". We have to be constantly increasing our faith, its not possible to stand dormint and survive spiritually.(alma32:28-43) read this because its an awesome scripture... Yes It hurts when you testify what you KNOW to be true and the answer is soooo clear and no one will listen! Its not suppose to feel happy, but how much happier will you be when someone does listen because you kept going with faith, diligence, patience! I know these things are true...I know this is a mass email and some of you reading are my dear friends of other faiths, and I respect your beliefs with all my heart. But I know also with alllll my heart the things I write are true. Let us show true love for our savior and our God by learning his story searching his words and getting on our knees and asking him the only one we can truly ask for the the answer on what is true or not. He is our father, he is our creator and he wants to hear from us. no matter your faith, there is only one father in heaven, and he wants to hear from everyone. All is well in Culiacan, Mexico....Im kindof becoming a Culichi (girl from culiacan)....and sorry my thoughts are scattered never have proper time to thing much.haha. pero these are the words from my heart, y yo testifico estas cosas en el nombre de jesu cristo amen. much love con amor hermana waddell

Monday, June 2, 2014

It was a short email this week.
Short but sweet!

NOTHING is impossible with God....if you believe in his power and put all your faith in him....he will help you. I dont have time..or the money to stay on this computer any longer...but all is good in culiacan Mexico con amor Hermana Waddell

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