Thursday, May 15, 2014

Don't lose faith

It's been a difficult week. When you can't get yourself in check physically and mentally, it's hard to help others! Many hospital visits this week....oh so fun. Some of the hardest times are when you have time to rest and think and have a break, your mind starts to wander to your old life....Dance, Hawaii, friends, family....Then you have to check yourself because you are on the Lords errand! Satan never stops, but neither does the work of the Lord! I've really been growing to love these people! Often times when people have a really large problem, and they never seem to keep their commitments or change....its easy to think they will never change! DONT LOSE FAITH in your loved ones, how we see them is NOT how the Lord sees them. We see how they are, He sees who they can become! The light of Christ is in everyone! You can be an instrument in the Lords hands, all things are possible. From drug dealers to adulterers to normal people who just don't go to church, they are all the same and they all deserve the chance to know the gospel and to feel the spirit and have that change of heart. The members here are awesome, we could not do the work without them, they are the glue! Mexico is still hot as ever haha and I love it! Talking to my family yesterday was icing on the cake! One of our investigators came to church yesterday, and we could see the change in her. Its so beautiful to see. Always remember why we are here, because its so so so short compared to eternity. much love hermana Waddell oh and happppppy Mothers day to all you moms out there!!!

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