Monday, April 28, 2014

My language is all messed up

Buenos dias hermana y hermanas, este semana i was un poco enferma... dehydration. here i have to drink about 3 liters of water while im out working and 1 liter of this gross electrolytes stuff... yeah i wasnt doing that, entoncs, yuo became enferma. estabien...all hemor ahorra...all better now... the language is starting to get better yo unerstand a little better, its crazy what 1 week and a little fe can do. I will say its hard to type long things in english. i dont know spanish, i dont know ingles...thats no bueno. the hardest thing personally for me here is always having to wear shoes and be super poline in how i sit and eat. <i just want to kick of my shoes and cross my legs and maybe burp a little...hehe...the food is so good! pero. here burping is supppppper suppper grossero...rude...also when you dont understand someone and you say que? which means what. that is very very have to say mande...entonces... yo had my first baptism this week, it feels like ive been here forever. well i helped the lord have a baptism, its not my baptism. but you get the point. Olga y esmerelda, who is olgas daughter. it was so beautiful. seriously if you are bold milagross, miricles happen. we cant really understand each others words much, pero, we are like family, its crazy. and the baptism and confirmacion, was muy bonita. Now already she is being a missionary to her neighbor and her neighbor wants to learn more, its wonderful. sorry im not supppose to talk or wrte in english and this is hard thinking normally in english. so this letter might be weird, also these keyboards are wack....The work literally never stops. sometimes its dificil, so tempting to just fly back to hawaii, work at pcc, go beach...cruz...but then i remember how selfish that would be of me to even think! this is the work of the Lord! 18 months is nada. and it is so beautiful feeling and watchinhg others change their lives into faithful disciples of Christ. this here is happiness. forget the heat, forget the little petty pointless things that slow you down, and forget yourself, box up your passions, serve with everything you got, con su corazon! the people here are awesome, i love them to death, they keep me going! To have a successful mission, also, to have a successful life, it requires, WORK! you gotta shut up and drive! work combined with faith IS THE ONLY SOLUTION! You can´t expect something you don´t work for, and only hope can stare at those dirty dishes all you want,,,they wont clean you alll te amamos mucho...

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