Monday, April 21, 2014

Love it!

okay so I don{t have much time. It is a completely different world here....if i have typos i appologize the keyboards are weird... So my companion is from peru....she is leaving in less then my 12 week thats sad...she doesnt speak english, so I don{t talk much these days...haha...which is weird for me! The spirit is really teaching me....It can be hard living somewhere where you have no idea how to understand anyone...and all i ccan talk to is the wall, and heavenly father of course! <i love the people here! they are so ready for baptism!!! and they are nice too me as long as i am trying to learn the language, which i am, i have no choice haha. Culiacan is such an amazing beautiful place and the kids are so smart here, they are setting examples for their parents by getting baptized i love it

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