Saturday, April 5, 2014

Got to meet David Archuleta. :)

Hola! Today marks exactly a Month since I've been in the MTC! and its conference! what a great way to celebrate! haha. So this week has gone by sooo fast and has been filled with many eye opening experiences! I'm finally getting to a point where I can see my progression, that is the best feeling! I'm headed to Vegas Monday to get my visa with Hermana Nicholl! Then next Monday I am off to Mexico! My spanish is only enough to really get around and sound like a 3 year old. But I'm so ready to leave! I know I'll learn in Mexico, I have literally no choice...haha. I'm in love with sharing the gospel, especially the restoration and plan of salvation. How lucky are we to have such an amazing plan of happiness! I've learned something today that I liked, righteousness is a choice. We need to be Bold, we need to stand true to our beliefs and defend our beliefs in a way Christ would defend. This world today is so opposite from how we are commanded to live! People are confused about what true happiness is, let us with love and unshaken faith share that happiness with everyone. Every time I teach I am able to feel and discern a bit of what our investigator is feeling. I have learned that I only get 18 months to wear this badge and to be set apart as a missionary, Its such a beautiful gift to me. I've never felt closer to my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. It's not enough to feel impressions, we need to act on our impressions, we need to DO SOMETHING MORE! I now believe that if you go throughout a single day and you do not do some sort of service, or spread Christs love in any way....You have wasted a day of opportunities to be an instrument in the lords hands. I have so many scriptures and amazing experiences I could share but that would take forever. I'm so grateful for this opportunity, It's really not me, I'm not worthy of these blessings and authority I am able to have, but I know if we do our part as hard and diligent as we can the lord WILL carry you the rest of the way. I've seen it happen even in the MTC through investigators, through companions, through myself. I wish everyone could live the experience I'm living. Like said similar in conference today, I KNOW this is the true and everlasting gospel, and the book of Mormon mixed with prayer can change and strengthen lives, I know it like I know I'm only 4'11. It. is. a. Fact. I just want everyone to read this book, I still don't remember every story, I can't recite all of the profetas y revelations in it, but the feeling it brings I can't deny. Something that David Archuleta said in our Devotional Tuesday was on his mothers conversion. She said It was not what the missionaries taught me, I really can't remember much of the teachings, but I got baptized because of WHAT I FELT. Davids mother Felt the truth through the spirit from God. and YES David A. came and sang for us and talked to us, and Yes I shook his hand! and Yes I'm going to Marry him one day.....haha. Well I just want everyone to know who reads my blog, which I hope a lot of you do! I love you so much and I thank you for your support! I need it! Thank you for all who have helped me grow and truly convert as I continue to, you are all examples to me! Next time I write I'll be in CULIACAN, MEXICO! So thats Chido! everyone please write me. hehe. I need some home every once in a while! muccchhho amor! -hermana Waddell

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