Saturday, March 29, 2014

So this whole week is kind of a blurr....It went by so fast and I'm loosing track of the days! That's what happens when you get lost in the Lords work! Okay I'm going to brag a little bare with me...haha.. I was having a little bit of a rough time, trying really hard but my confidence just was not there! So I'm in a little workshop called Lovest thou me? that one of my teachers Hermano Monroe was teaching. We were doing an activity and just talking to our companions about how to show love to investigators when Hermano Monroe came up to me and said something that I realllly needed at the time. "Hermana Waddell (but I heard megan) Thankyou for serving a mission, You have a certain light in you." His eyes filled with tears....and I was just speechless, I had no Idea what to say....Then he walked away and went about teaching... It seems so small and silly, pero, it meant so much to me! I learned then that this is where I was suppose to be! If you love the Lord enough, you will leave everything behind and serve him, you will give your life to him. Are you willing to give up your passions, your everything for the Lord? If not, you do not love him enough. From one of our "investigators" I have been learning a lot about prayer and that feeling we get when we feel he isn't answering us. Then I think about Joseph Smith, D&C 121 when he was discouraged and he was pleading for mercy! and God told him that his adversity would be but a small moment! and if you ENDURE it WELL you will be lifted up! D&C 122....The key for benifitting is to endure it well! We can do hard things through faith in him, not faith in ourselves! I love it here, I do hateeee UTAH though.....sorrry, not really sorry. haha... I had to buy a shirt the other day because my fingers were so dry they were bleeding and it got all over the shirt -___- yes this dry weather is NOT for me...and it hailed the other day...mmmmm refreshing! haha. Oh mom I got to hang out with Regan today. hehe. and still everyone you better write me! I'm getting choke emails...but It's so hard to email everyone back!!! haha! Also my Hawaii family I ran into Justin Wasson....I barely know him, but we were excited to see familiar faces! much love on this side of the world! The key to this missionary work is...WORK!!! haha te quiero! all is well in zion!

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