Saturday, March 15, 2014

She wants some letters

Hola everyone! I just want to start off by saying WESTSIDE is where it is at! I love our little MTC. Everyone is going to missions that are Spanish speaking so everything is in Spanish, since day one, which was a littttttle overwhelming. But I have learned to reallly rely on the spirit, seriously MIRACLES happen when you let the spirit teach through you! Im in a trio companionship, and we had two investigator appointments the third day, in espanol....yeah crazy. But after teaching for a couple days kind of staring into space saying God loves you. haha, you start to know what to say, to get the point across, and the message comes not necessarily through words but through the spirit, and it ends up good. My whole district are girls! CRAZY! So many sisters are here preparing to serve, it makes me smile, Sonrisa, that means to smile, I think I will name my daughter that one day. haha. My teachers are awesome, they really care about us, I think I want to teach here when I get off my mission! I love you all! te quiero! Please send me letters! I've only gotten them from my mom.....not that I don't love you mom....Also there is Dear Elder!!! just don't be lazy and send me at least I love you!!! hahahaha. But seriously. The sacrifices are more then I imagined coming here, there is NO dancing allowed even during workouts, (they dont want boys checking us out I guess)...but I know I will be blessed! we'll its only been a week and a half sooo all is well in zion! -Hermana Waddell

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