Saturday, March 8, 2014

1st days at the MTC

Hola madre! man I can feel that dreary texas weather now! my pday is saturday today! Im so glad it is because we all needed a break! Spanish is very hard! We already taught in Spanish our third day, early in the morning...I was so lost haha. I hope you get well soon!!! It is asi frio here! sooo cold! and no sign of a jacket from Emily! so i am prettyyyy cold! haha but its good.  I love west campus because we can go out on pday to a little place with jamba juice and some other food stores and stuff....main campus cant do that!  I love my Hermanas! we are an all women district!! So I had some scriptures and stuff to share...butttt....I left my stuff in my room haha. I love you!! I miss you guys! and It feels like I have been here forever...I'll write more in a letter...haha.. Love, 
Hermana Waddell

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