Saturday, March 29, 2014

So this whole week is kind of a blurr....It went by so fast and I'm loosing track of the days! That's what happens when you get lost in the Lords work! Okay I'm going to brag a little bare with me...haha.. I was having a little bit of a rough time, trying really hard but my confidence just was not there! So I'm in a little workshop called Lovest thou me? that one of my teachers Hermano Monroe was teaching. We were doing an activity and just talking to our companions about how to show love to investigators when Hermano Monroe came up to me and said something that I realllly needed at the time. "Hermana Waddell (but I heard megan) Thankyou for serving a mission, You have a certain light in you." His eyes filled with tears....and I was just speechless, I had no Idea what to say....Then he walked away and went about teaching... It seems so small and silly, pero, it meant so much to me! I learned then that this is where I was suppose to be! If you love the Lord enough, you will leave everything behind and serve him, you will give your life to him. Are you willing to give up your passions, your everything for the Lord? If not, you do not love him enough. From one of our "investigators" I have been learning a lot about prayer and that feeling we get when we feel he isn't answering us. Then I think about Joseph Smith, D&C 121 when he was discouraged and he was pleading for mercy! and God told him that his adversity would be but a small moment! and if you ENDURE it WELL you will be lifted up! D&C 122....The key for benifitting is to endure it well! We can do hard things through faith in him, not faith in ourselves! I love it here, I do hateeee UTAH though.....sorrry, not really sorry. haha... I had to buy a shirt the other day because my fingers were so dry they were bleeding and it got all over the shirt -___- yes this dry weather is NOT for me...and it hailed the other day...mmmmm refreshing! haha. Oh mom I got to hang out with Regan today. hehe. and still everyone you better write me! I'm getting choke emails...but It's so hard to email everyone back!!! haha! Also my Hawaii family I ran into Justin Wasson....I barely know him, but we were excited to see familiar faces! much love on this side of the world! The key to this missionary work is...WORK!!! haha te quiero! all is well in zion!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Love it here! People please write me letters, they are my favorite!

Hola! So This week has been so full of knew knowledge! I feel like just this week I have learned a lifetime worth of knowledge! I love singing in the choir, it is the closest I can feel like when I dance, in the mtc. The spirit has become my very BEST friend. I couldn't survive without it! I've been reading in Moroni 7, especially verse 31, to deny myself of ALL ungodliness! So I can declare the word of Christ, and be a chosen vessel of the Lord and bear testimony of him!!! You cannot be successful without obedience! You just cant! I've learned that I can do hard things, and you gain a faith in the MTC that you never even thought was possible!!!! And I just thought I had faith before now! He knows us individually, we are his children literally! Im only here for 18 months and that is NOTHING compared to eternity!!! NOTHING. It is so crazy when we teach, and our Spanish sucks!!! but, if the spirit is there we can say as little as..."dios amor ustede y bauptismo es muy importante y iglesia es verdadero, yo se verdadero dios feliz amen." it almost makes no sense but with the spirit, the investigators feel the truth!!! Im loving it! Oh and if my Hawaii friends are reading this...WRITE ME FOOLS!!!! and Sydney Carpenter, Luarell Wells are here, also Sorrelle Mcgee is in my yeah BYU Hawaii is dominating in the whole going on a mission thing! Love you all! I'll just leave you with a great quote I love. "this may not be the best two years OF your life, but it WILL be the best two years FOR your life." This church is SO true! I love not living "in" the world....Its like Sunday everyday! hahaha...muchooo love!!! -hermana waddell

Saturday, March 15, 2014

She wants some letters

Hola everyone! I just want to start off by saying WESTSIDE is where it is at! I love our little MTC. Everyone is going to missions that are Spanish speaking so everything is in Spanish, since day one, which was a littttttle overwhelming. But I have learned to reallly rely on the spirit, seriously MIRACLES happen when you let the spirit teach through you! Im in a trio companionship, and we had two investigator appointments the third day, in espanol....yeah crazy. But after teaching for a couple days kind of staring into space saying God loves you. haha, you start to know what to say, to get the point across, and the message comes not necessarily through words but through the spirit, and it ends up good. My whole district are girls! CRAZY! So many sisters are here preparing to serve, it makes me smile, Sonrisa, that means to smile, I think I will name my daughter that one day. haha. My teachers are awesome, they really care about us, I think I want to teach here when I get off my mission! I love you all! te quiero! Please send me letters! I've only gotten them from my mom.....not that I don't love you mom....Also there is Dear Elder!!! just don't be lazy and send me at least I love you!!! hahahaha. But seriously. The sacrifices are more then I imagined coming here, there is NO dancing allowed even during workouts, (they dont want boys checking us out I guess)...but I know I will be blessed! we'll its only been a week and a half sooo all is well in zion! -Hermana Waddell

Saturday, March 8, 2014

1st days at the MTC

Hola madre! man I can feel that dreary texas weather now! my pday is saturday today! Im so glad it is because we all needed a break! Spanish is very hard! We already taught in Spanish our third day, early in the morning...I was so lost haha. I hope you get well soon!!! It is asi frio here! sooo cold! and no sign of a jacket from Emily! so i am prettyyyy cold! haha but its good.  I love west campus because we can go out on pday to a little place with jamba juice and some other food stores and stuff....main campus cant do that!  I love my Hermanas! we are an all women district!! So I had some scriptures and stuff to share...butttt....I left my stuff in my room haha. I love you!! I miss you guys! and It feels like I have been here forever...I'll write more in a letter...haha.. Love, 
Hermana Waddell

Friday, March 7, 2014

She is off to the MTC

We dropped Hermana Waddell off at the airport at 5am on March 5th. Everyone was sad, but also very happy. She made it to Salt Lake City and Regan and Madison picked her up from the airport.


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