Monday, December 29, 2014


This week was hard....and weird...and christmas is not as big in Mexico as it is in the States...but with all of the contacting the cats and birds because there wasnt anyone  home....we kept our smile and our faith....My companion and I keep going sweeping our whole area trying to sing to people hahaha....singing also isnt the biggest thing in mexico....chrismas caroling is weird here....but we KNEW there was going to be a miracle...and this week some how or another we ran into one of our new investigators every single day in the street or at the bus stop or in the store....her  name is Katy and she is such a Hippie its amazing!!! and she has the cutest kids that have been going to church for a while but arent baptized because of problems....Well at the end of the week sunday she showed up at church her very first time to go with her kids....and she had read a lot of the book of mormon that week alllll of first nephi.....So this lucky day also our old investigator diego showed up.....with a different kind of light to his face.... with our Mission President at our ward this sunday he was able to talk to them and answer questions and doubts they had. Later we had a wonderful lesson with Katy.....who we found out here sister lives in hawaii.....and she feels she has finally found the right path for her......I know that when we work hard our Heavenly Father gives us blessings and he promised us success when we work hard.....He listens and answers in his  ways! I really love this hippie family and I know they are in my life personally for a I am in theirs. I hope you all had a wonderful Navidad and a Happpy New Year! Love yas. hermana waddell

Monday, December 15, 2014



We had transfers a week early! SUPRISE!!! :( Im a bit sad because its right before christmas and I found out realllllly late I was getting transfered....but ni modo ire donde me mande mi Señor....because I know he has a plan for me in my new area Humaya, This week we had the opportunity to spread the true christmas spirit at the mall in Culiacan, we had a piano in the middle of the mall and about 100 missionarys sang around the christmas was so fun to sing our testimonies of the Savior to all those who were at the mall doing their  Christmas shopping.....I know everyone was able to really feel the spirit, and these are the moments I wouldnt give up my mission for ANYTHING. I will testify of my Savior till he comes again and everyone can see him for themselves...Okay this is the family that has taken care of me my whole 4 transfers in Jardines......they made me a huge carne asada diner.......its like realllllllly yummmy meat was the best!!!! and this is me and my companion hna. wall before we went and flash mobbed the mall! and me in the city after! Im excited to be here with my new companion Hna. Ramos! shes awesome! and I know our Heavenly Father has great things in store for us!!! I love you all! thankyou for your support! and if you want a christmas card email me your address!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Theyll prolly be late to your houses but at least youll get one!!!! much loveee hermana Waddell



This week has been so great with the new he is the gift stuff that is going on. and we have been practicing for this coming friday we will do a little missionary "flash mob" type thing in the big mall that is here in the city of Culiacan! allllll of the missionaries of culiacan are going to sing, we have solos duets and sing together! I know that with the lord we will be able to sing and touch peoples hearts! This is going to be an opportunity for us to show Culiacan who we are and WHO we represent and really the reason we have christmas..The power the spirit brings through music is unexplainable. Se que vamos a tener muchisimo exito con este oportunidad. Se que este oportunidad es inspirada de Dios y estoy muuuuyy emocionada. Share your talents with others we all have something to give and it is important to let your light shine. I can testify in this moment that there are specific people that you need and specific people that need you. Dont let these opportunities pass you by! and I just want to testify that when we work in unity when we work as one, we have the support of our heavenly father. lets share our gifts with one another and work together to build zion. This is my president of relief society and the taller one ella es como mi mama! and suki my dog in the mission.......les quiero muchoooo y perdon por mis palabras nunca tengo tiempo....pero ojala que entiendan....cuidese mucho hermana waddell


12-1-14 or go watch the 2 minute video....He is hastening the work. This time of the year is such a special time to hasten the work of salvation. He is the gift. Christ is Christmas. He is the Prince of Peace, our king our savior our brother. He is the reason for living.I feel him so much here with me, he is the only one who can realive us from any type of pain sadness sins we may have. he already paid the price acept the gift, he is the gift. Remember the real reason why we are here. This will be such a special december for me and for all of us. Just testifying of his love and of his existence I feel him hugging me holding me testifying with me. He lives and so does my heavenly Father they live and love us. The message we have is for every person member or not. accept him in your life and live in peace knowing that he is here with us, fighting our battles right on our side. This week has been another spiritual miracle filled week, Im all healthy and stuff now hahaha....I dont have anymore little mexican parisites in my body so thats you all share the gift this year....please...the work will go forward regardless but be a part of it, that is where we find hapiness...con mucho amor hermana waddell



Pretty much sums up my week....It sux not to be able to work...Im sooooo grateful for my health that I have and the energy in my body and that I have all of my limbs. Dont ever take anything for granted. I now cannot eat any no bread at allllllllll....or greasy stuff....or anything unless its fruits or vegetables....hahha...but only for a time. Im so grateful for the blessings I've received and the help I've gotten! Mexico is too tough for my stomach haha, its all part of the experience, and the up side is....I've lost a heeaaaps load of weight. Yay im back to normal me! Thanks for your prayers and warm messages constantly! les quierooo les extraño! Hermana waddell

Update from her mom....Megan had parasites and they use very strong medicine to get rid of them all. It was so strong it made her sick again and the dr. reevaluated the dosage and lowered it and she is now parasite and medicine free and feeling much better. She has suffered physical ailments in Mexico, but has an extremely positive attitude and recovers quickly with great care from her Mission President and his wife and many wonderful members from church. She is anxiously engaged in Heavenly Father's work. He watches over her I know it. As her mother, I love and miss her with every breath I take, and I find comfort in knowing that she is indeed a servant of the Lord on His errand to bring souls unto Christ. What a joy and blessing she is to our family and friends and to the people of Culiacan. Thank you family and friends for all your prayers on her behalf and also Emily's. 

Monday, November 17, 2014

I just wrote a whole email....then it got heres a picture it explains how awesome today of my favorite family took us out to see Culiacan.... I love you all and thanks for your prayers and your support for me....i really feel the blessings from you all in my life... les quiero mucho. hermana waddell

Monday, November 3, 2014

You gotta keep your head up you can let your hair down aaayyaeee!... I would be lying if I said this week, well these past 5 weeks have been so fun and so easy....but the slow, draining work has been so perfect for me! Ive been learning so much. Watching halloween go down here and Day of the Dead was really cool! Interesting...but cool! Also my awesome companion had a birthday she is now 20! woooo! and someone proposed to me....and asked me to move to his state with him.....ummm.....okay....your like 35...its all good though we contacted him then sent the elders ;). oh then someone gave us flowers and chocolate....we felt like ladies :). The best thing you can do in the mission is realllllly get so lost in the work to the point that this IS your life! you didnt "leave" your life! this IS your life. and you just go and really LIVE and LOVE all the people you come in contact with. a true christlike love. This is last weeks of transfers....who knows if Ill get transfered or not....but Im going to reallllllllllllly miss Jardines ward.....they are reallllly like my family....that is something so maravillosa about the mission....hay un poder en El Libro De Mormon....Es un libro real, verdadero.... Leerlo! Es una guia para nosotros, y la historia de nuestro pueblo! tengo un testimonio fuerte sobre El Libro de Mormon. Cambia vidas. love you all.... heres me...playing the uke at my favorite...(ssshhh, i have a favorite) members house!...then our flowers we got because we´re pretty :)...and fat. xoxoxox hermana waddell

Thursday, October 16, 2014

This week was a lot of work...well every week is in the mission field, if youre doing it right...but thats when youre the happiest, and find success. I dont have much to say but one of our recent converts Alfonso his wife has decided to stop hiding and listen to us....she is ready to follow the footsteps of her husband. She wants to live a life eternal with her family. It is so beautiful to talk to her...I love this family so much, and watching them grow closer to the lord is priceless. Im so blessed to be here. I know families are forever, everything that is bound on earth is bound in heaven. we are not meant to separate after death, God does not want us to separate after working a mortal lifetime strengthening your love for one another. There is a way to live together with your spouse for eternity....oh Im so glad I know this to be true. Families are so important they are first. I know what Im doing out here is the lords work. Many wont believe me, but I know, and I feel the presence of our Savior with me, and I know the time is coming to an end faster and faster, the world is becoming more wicked that which is wicked is said to be good and that which is good is said to be wicked (old fashioned,stupid,crazy). but I also know that every knee shall bow and tongue confess one day....when he comes again....hug your spouse your daughter your brother or sister for me....while im here away from my family seeing familys fall, grow and change, from a different perspective....I wouldnt give it up for the best dancer in the world ;) de verdad y ya saben como es me passion para baile....jaja. les quieroooo xx hermana waddell

Monday, October 6, 2014

Megan is feeling much better. Thank you to everyone for your prayers!!

okkkay.....lets just all take a minute to apreciate that beautiful time we have every six months to listen to the prophet and the apostles and other church leaders. Sometimes we get yes´s and nos to our answers....this week I had the oppurtunity to really work my faith, my confidence in the lord and to recieve spiritual answers for my investigators. The answers arent always as we want. but we need to listen and act. Sometimes the people we love with all our hearts and we think are ready, listen to the lord first before yourself. We lost some this week. but I know the seeds we left were good, and in time they will be ready to accept and act. But with the dissapointments there are always many miracles and much success.. the decisions here in life really do determine where we will end up, and on a smaller scale the decisions in the mission determine the success we will have the people we will impact. When making decisions DONT DO IT ALONE, ask the master, ask him, your heavenly father for guidence! Go to him first, then decide to act and make your destiny something amazing. or for me make my mission one of success, because I made the best decisions I could. Dont just be in the church, or in the mission, being obedient, do something more, get your priorities straight as was said in conference stretch yourself, this life is to be stretched! dont live in your comfort zone, how the heck will you grow. Its so easy and often times I find myself just wanting to walk around living it easy, but you will always have a missing feeling in your heart if you dont learn to live to your fullest potential...we are here to stretch and go beyond we personally believe we can with all trust in god he who truly knows what we are capable of. I really felt like a missionary this week, Ive stretched myself this week more than ever. and Im SO glad for my decision for I know it was what my heavenly father wanted of me. If you havent watched conference, watch it! feel it, then go live the teachings. Okay Ill end with a funny story, so I was at the doctor getting some tests done, then when they came out with my results the called for me " O ke Kai, your tests are ready, O ke Kai mapana maggi we have your tests"....haha ummmm...Im o ke kai, i think....but its megan....then...mapuana o ke kai conpanion was confused and everyone thought I just had a reallllly weird name.....then they asked if I was japanese...hijole.....stay actively engaged in the work of the lord, dont get lazyyy, live with him. listen to the prophet and our leaders of the church....they are speaking the words of the lord. ojala you all stay strong. les quieroooo hermana o ke kai.....jajaja

Monday, September 29, 2014

okay my last week with my companion hna braithwaite :( but i love hna wall! shes my new companion and im still in the same hot area in culiacan! i love it! so we found a perfect family! im excited. you need to always listen to the promptings of the spirit then act right away! because Miricales happen after. Ive seen it, and ive lived it. my stomach i in too much pain to write....we thought i had danga from mosquos but it turns out i have typhoid....and all i well though becaue im taking good antibiotics. and caught it early....we had another photoshoot....haha we have to much fun...a member gave me a mexican flag....i love them. i love it here. i love the mission. the happiness and success you get when you serve is priceless. we found one of our lost investigators, after mucho fasting and day we left the house right after saying a prayer...not five minutes later he drives by....he listens. then we had a lesson with a family, who the dad is so against baptism...the lesson was going on and on and i had that prompting to invite them....i was scared, and my companion was ending the leson and i jut stopped everyone and asked...the prompting was to was time i knew the spirit was about to change his heart...and he and the whole family accepted the date...he listens. he anwers. do your part and be receptive to those little promptings and you can see and feel the work of the lord. les amo ojalo todos estan bien! siempre escuchan las indicaciones del espíritu santo, y actuar en estos indicaciones y van a ver milagros! 

Monday, September 22, 2014

Ive been learning something this week...sometimes you get in ruts on your mission...and everything is on top of the world, then something out of the blue and CRAZYYY happens....and you feel like you just fell off the mountain you JUST climbed. well its so easy to just give up and get unexcited. these are the moments you have to keeeeeep walking! even if it breaks your heart. my problem has always been i love to easily....I literally adoreeee my investigators and when their agency gets in the way after working sooooo hard with them, and seeing them suffer so much trying to get out of their traps and they give up. then what do we do.....? give up too? What kind of example would that be? keep walking do something more, try a little harder, I know if you do all you can and more you have done a job well done. Its not easy when you have a faith so strong for them then they give up, it can break your heart....but how do you think Jesus feels when we are so close to something amazing but all we see and feel is suffering, so we give up right before the grand prize. I know it breaks his heart. I came across a scripture in doctrine and covenants 132:38 talking about abraham jacob and isaac and the blessings, that we can also have!!! they did "none other things than that which they were commanded; and
because they did none other things than that which they were
commanded, they have entered into their exaltation, according to the
promises, and sit upon thrones, and are not angels but are gods." not angels but are gods..... we have to bee obedient and always keep walking in the faith only doing what the lord would have us do. and I know one day we can have the blessings that are promised. this life is so short. I want to be obedient and enjoy this life to the fullest and my life eternal. I wish I could let my investigators feel exactly the way i do and know exactly what i know, sometimes. But you cant be given conversion, you have to work for it. I have a never dying testimony of this true and everlasting gospel. I know that some suffer their whole lives, but i know its a promise that these sufferings are only but a small moment... christ will come again. and justice will be brought to all. love you guyssss!!! miss you all!!! with alll of my love hermana waddell

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

okkkay...this transfer is just going tooooo fast! lets see....

we had a little miracle this week....not much success this week butttt we had a baptism! actually 4! So Paulina we have been teaching for a little while, her date was for the 20th of september...but I just kept feeling like it needs to be sooner! They have to go to church 5 times before they can be baptized. but I just felt it and so did my companion she was sooooo ready! well....wednesday our district leader called and said hey you are going to have to change your baptism to earlier or later because we have conference stuff on the 20th and 21st...sooo with all of the faith in me I knew she would say yes to earlier! and after a little hesitation she did! that small feeling I had was fulfilled! I could tell after so many prayers on when it was time for her and fasting, I knew it was an answer. All alone with not much support, just her and some members at the baptism....but she is soooo strong and beautiful! Also the Elders in our ward baptized three amazing siblings, their parents are members they just never got baptized!!! it was a great saturday...and I gave a talk on sunday about convertidos al señor, conversion and a testimony and the difference....i did it all in spanish a whole 15 minute talk! and people actually understood me! haha. best feeling ever. I just want to say how much I LOVE my job ;) teaching and testifying everyday, feeling the spirit....with an amazingggggg companion! Hermana Braithwaite!!! its the best... oh and we sang my favorite song at the baptism be still my soul! we found the lyrics in spanish! yay! then we were called angels haha....mostly because my companion is really white with blue eyes and blonde hair.....but ill take the complement too :). okay to end let me just share our practicing contacting companion:"HI! whats your name!? Heres a book that will make you happy! oh I love people and friends and santa!" (shes seriously will farell buddy the elf)...then me...."holaaa buenas tardes....oh poooo i mean dias aghhh i mean white and spanish confuses me.. can i talk to you, iheres a book its the best ever.." haha i cant explain very well in email...but ill just tell you shows our personality perfect.....I love this work, I know this is the true work and an obligation to share this truth to everyone. my loyalty goes to my Heavenly Father and my beloved brother Jesus Christ. they are number one in my life over everything! The way to happiness is through following on the straight and narrow path, he knows what really will make us happy. being a missionary is not being a robot...I love spreading my personality that ive grown to love and being my self and making the best of memories!...even if missions make you fat....les quiero mucho, se no es fácil siempre...pero vale la pena! ya no puedo explicar en mis palabras mis gracias al señor....pienso en ustedes mi familia mis amigos cada día! you are all in my prayers! cuidese, siempre se fuertes! xx hermana waddell

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

This week went by so fast. and guess what! i hit my 6 month mark. I only have 1 year left of the mission. i feel like i just started. well i have no time if i wanted to chill today. so this week....well i cant remember was a fight to get lessons in everyday, just aloooooooooooooooooot of contacting. and teaching english...and a lot of almost getting attacked by a wolf....okay just a dog...but he was reallly big and scary and mad at us for no reason. but a prayer saved us, just a little miracle of the week. oh and one old investigator who has been asleep for about two months here, (litteraly shes just been on drugs everyday sleeping because of some weird sickness) and shes so awake now and went to church sunday and doesnt know like anything but wants to get baptized....we{ve only visited her twice! so we are pretty excited about that...and when our other investigators were being missionaries testifying of the book of mormon to other investigators....and i quote "and we all know this book is true, theres no doubt its not, its just true. this church is just so true." our hearts melted. its the best feeling ever. and i have a testimony on contacting on the bus....its the best.... well send me letters and emails family.....cough cough remeber me....jajaja hijole! les quiero, hermana waddell

Monday, September 1, 2014

okay, so coooool experience this week... we just had our multizone conference. and after of course we are all excited and rejuvinated. well my companion and I and four other elders were on the bus back to our area, when it started with two elders we all spread out and contacted until we contacted the whole bus....then when we cleared out the whole bus it was just us missionaries left we were soooo happy then spread out in good seats all over the bus and waited for the next wave haha. then contacted again until we hit our area! no one could escape ;) It was really fun. This week has been fun, really working with less actives, oh and we had a baptism, we had been teaching her, but found out her sisters are members and parents...just dont want to go back, but totally supportive of her getting baptized and she is there every sunday! Poco a poco im learning everyday more and more about this place and loving it more and more. It gets really hard getting people to church, they demand soooo much work from the people here, they work until they drop! its a scary thought for them to walk with faith in the darkness and trust in our heavenly father to provide the way. But I know he will give us what we need if we put him first. Ive seen it in my life, ive seen it in my parents, they always, always put the lord first, then after their family y nunca faltamos nada! we never lacked anything we needed and we lived in happiness. Its a comandment to go to church to keep the sabbath day holy, christ created the eart in 6 days under the direction of god and on the 7th day rested! so we need that rest, and we need that spiritual food at church. trust in the lord, no excuses. when we trust in the lord and act in that trust we show him how much we truly love him. Im so grateful for the example of my parents always putting the important things first. It has helped me alot this week testify of how important it is your familias and going to church and having faith in good things to come after we walk in faith with our eyes closed trusting in the lord. Ive been out 6 months now! half a year! falta un año mas!!!! one year left....weirrrd goes by fast. Love the Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ FIRST, then your family, then what follows....know your priorites and enlign them with the lords...les quieroooooooo hermana waddell

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Sometimes when you are a missionary your investigators tha beeeessst ( nacho libre voice)...So close to beautiful baptisms, then BAM they disappear, or flee the country for who knows why....I feel like we are starting fresh in the same area...but it is a okay! because there are plenty of people in this town that want to hear the gospel, they just dont know it yet ;).....we gonna find you, so you can run and tell that run and tell that homeboy...just kidding....thats our theme song for contacting (dont worry we change the words)...hehe..So perfect example of a missionaries sunday.....we visit everyone to get them ready for church or walk with them....half, arent home, we are running around trying to call and find, then we go to our meeting with the bishop, after go find more is starting, a family calls, "well we cant go to church, we are on the side of the road, our tire just blew..." us " oh dont worry we are on our way! "to physically take you to church satan isnt going to win this time!" then we do that and get to church while one investigator was about to walk out and leave, us " hey where are you going?" her "oh well you guys werent here so i wa leaving!" oiiiiiii! noooootttt the pooooinnnt of church....goooodness, sundaymornings are the bessst i love em... but then it all just gets beautiful because they learn and feel the spirit, (we just pretty much have to dragggggg everyone to church...) I feel like my mom... well that was this week, a lot of fighting! also shouldve had a baptism, but 1. there was no water in the church...2. they disapeared....3. theyyyyy disssappppeaarrreed!!!!!! where are they....ummmm i dont know they disssapppearrred! lol....we gonna find you....puesss. estamos animada para la semana vamos a encontrar los perdidos!!! jajajaja. hijole! I love it here, I love my ward, and the people oh goodness my investigators are literally my family here. Our bonds are strong, Its the best when you visit a family or person, that when you first visited them they were so sad, so lost,,,,then just short time after you can see their faith grow, you can see their light shining a little brighter....I wouldnt give those moments up for ANYTHING in this world. We just taught the atonement and life of christ to someone. he didnt understand why christ would do such a thing for us, we dont deserve it.....wellll....that is a PERFECT love for you, and his love for us is growing every single day...lets not waste what he has given us. we have a way where we can live in perfect happiness forever with christ and our heavenly father and our families! how wonderful that he should care for me enough to die for me. I stand all amazed at the love jesus offers me. nunca el finn en nuestras vidas, vivimos con fe ahorrita, preservamos aqui en esta tierra hasta que Jesucristo otra vece venga , porque ya se que un dia esta paso ya se sin duda.....oh esta todo bien! les amo cuidese hermana waddell

Monday, August 18, 2014

TRANSFERS!...Im staying here with my companion! thankgoodness :). We have so much more work to do here. I just want to express how awesome my ward is here and our bishop here! I feel like im at home in Liberty Ward!!! Seriously one of the key to missionary success is the members! I dont have much to say, ever. Just Mexico is fine, we have a little rusty gym by our house that we started going to, so Im suppppper excited not to get too fat from all the beans and tortillas here! and we always get free horchata de coco in the streets cause there is a coco man (thats what we call him, he walks the streets selling coconuts and horchata de coco, screaming cocoooo in a high pitched I just hit pueberty voice) and he just loooooovesss us......dont worry we contacted him....well he contacted us....My companion and I are really excited and nervous for this week we have a baptism planned saturday, everything is ready and good, but we are seeing the "other side" reallllllly working on him and us and everything! I know its because he is going to be an amazing youth and leader! So keep him in your prayers! he is a very important soul! So much crazy, fun, funnnnnny, spiritual stuff happens during the week, my mind ALWAYS goes blank when I want to write my mass email , the days and weeks kinda blend together.....buttt, spanish is the same....very hard for me....The mission is just going so fast and I never wanna leave. Always remember your individual worth, because how are you suppose to love others the way you love yourself if you cant even love yourself! its the 2nd great comandment! Something Im really trying to work on! Ive been thinking alot about how every little thing we do in this church is important, once you get baptized you take upon his name! you need to try and represent christ in everything you do! everything! because more then we think people ARE watching! and a lotttttt of the time it is what they see in the people, and how they feel in the church that gives them the first impression and the choice to open the door to the true path or to walk away....sounds like a lot of pressure, but if we are just obedient and each do our part, together we can build zion faster and faster. I just watched 17 miracles and a quote that hit me, something like this " i often looked back to see who was pushing my cart, and no one was there." then you see angels pushing it....There are soooo many times Ive felt like that here, and Im sure all of the other missionaries out in the world....where angels are literely pushing me , carrying me, speaking the words through me. IT IS SOOOOO EASY TO FEEL ALONE, AND TO GIVE UP. Sometimes I really dont know what is keeping me afloat....then moments amazing happen, and i vision the bigger picture, I may not see someone here helping and guiding me, but you better believe it someone is. Because I am on the lords errand and he takes care of his good and faithful servants! dont ever loose trust in him. Ive been thinking alot about all of you who are serving right now with me, my friends, family, and people I dont know. and it just makes me so happy, we may not see each other but we are working together everyday! we all have a part in building zion. thankyou for all of your guys support and love and workkkk! Les quiero mucho Hermana Waddell ....(he will make weak things become strong, if you humble yourself...ether 12:27)

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Okay, the past two weeks have been crazy, and I went to a science museum today so I dont have much time. But We just had another baptism this week! Manuel, hes a 16 yr old happy boy with lots of faith! I love this area, yesterday I helped save a parrot, the family had fed it salty foods...thats not allowed...and there was a moment where it went completely dead, i remember saying a prayer in my head and it actually came back to life!!! It was a small miracle to me....that poor bird...his name is ricky...haha...hes my new investigator...just kidding. Well we are in the hottest month of the year here, and it is reallllly hard to get around sometimes, we have lots of people to teach and find, and they dont live close, no car, no bike, just mister lefty and righty for my transpertation. some days i feel like a pioneer....(but i so know it doesnt compare to their pain). I dont have much to say. Just love one another, seriously is what builds confidence and you need that to share the gospel. Let people know you love them, and truly love them in your heart, get to know them, serve them. We are here on this earth together to help and guide each other. Find the lost sheep, we are all a sheperd for someone and also we are all a sheep for someone. Let us press forward together. I love the lord, ill do anything for him, i will give up everything for him...its so hard hard, but man is it so worth every second! con amor, hermana waddell

Monday, August 11, 2014


We had a baptism saturday...Alfonso Montoya. I dont have much to say, just It was awesome! and the spirit was so strong, and the peace was there! We are having alot of success here, its not always easy, we are in the hottest time of the year right now, and spanish is still tricky tricky! but soooo many people are ready to enter the waters of baptism. We have one planned for every week for 4 weeks! Miracles!!! well we will see if they all stay the same....Just praying they do! Gracias por your prayers and emails and love for this work! It really is hastening! I had an image of after my mission today....and lets just say, I dont want it to end! I still have a good while, but it is going by so fast! If you are in the process of thinking to serve a mission or not, let me help you..... SERVE! Seriously is the best decision you can make! We work so hard everyday, but seriously in the bigger picture I just feel so calm and at peace all the time, no worries, just loving one another and helping them. Really is so much smaller of a task than the blessings that we get from it! What a great oppurtunity this is. All is well here in culiacan, Mexico! les quieroooo hermana waddell

Sunday, August 3, 2014

So the highlight of my week was I got to see the ocean....we went to a different city for a mission program for a small ward and investigators there. it was great. but after on our way home my president and his wife know how much i love and miss the teasing they were saying we were going to the ocean, but not really cause your missionaries. welllllll we are driving then all of a sudden i see the ocean! my heart melted and i bursted into tears. I dont know why, the spirit and memories were just so strong, my heart was home for a moment. watching the sunset over the pacific ocean....I felt such peace I can not explain. on top of thatttt, we have a baptism saturday!!!! Alfonzo! Soooo exited, he is so ready and I just love seeing peoples testimonies grow! and their lives change! okay i have no time. but the gospel is true, and if you do a little work you see miracles and you are soooo much happier in your life! cuidese hermana waddell

Monday, July 21, 2014

okay so this week has been so spiritual and we have had so much success. Its a new area for us so we just decided to go contacting all of the references and really just hit it hard finding people...and we have soooo many people to teach, that are actually progressing. Sometimes its so scary to start a confersation with someone or contact someone, but it is absolutely worth it once you get to know them and teaching and together you feel the spirit, and you watch their lives change and they are following right path! My sister wrote a song before the mission "20 Seconds of Courage" Sounds silly but it really motivated me. We need to be courageous and trust in the lord! if we are walking with him, he will help us he will talk through us! you just have to start! it only takes about 20 seconds to start and pass up the awkwardness, 20 seconds to talk with the spirit and make an impact on someone forever! Im so excited for this week and to really work with the spirit...ill be sending pictures soon, im loving it here. Sometimes when we start to get stronger satan comes in and trys to remind us of every unworthy thing we have done in our lives and make us feel worthless and dumb....but dont listen its not ture words. Everyday remind yourselves how amazing of a creation you are! because he who is greatest created you!!! and one day we can live with him again with our families in perfection with total happiness!!!! les quiero mucho! c! hermana waddell
Good timber does not grow with ease,
The stronger wind, the stronger trees.
The further sky, the greater length.
The more the storm, the more the strength.
By sun and cold, by rain and snow,
In trees and men good timbers grow.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Puessss, transfers today, its always so crazy! Its been so fun though, and Im with a new companion from United States, I havent talked in english so much in 4 months! its pretty nice haha. We are opening a new area in Culiacan, never missionaries, and the ward has only had elders! So its a bit challenging, but i feel its better, something fresh and new. I am sad to leave my first area, we have a couple of reallllly intelligent jovens getting ready for baptism and I wont be there to see it...but Im just glad they are ready! I see so many recent converts and members who have been since birth fall away here, i have also seen those recent converts and members who are so faithful and have so much love for the lord. To truly love the Lord is not with your words, its through your actions. So many say yes I love the Lord, but do you, if ye love me feed my sheep!!! If we really love him we will follow him we will feed his sheep, we will put everything in our lives on hold we will give up everything for him. We have one investigator that is so scared for baptism because of her family. but she is personally ready! I told her one scripture in Moroni, perfect love casteth out all fear. you need to love the Lord and work everyday for a perfect love for him, if we let the fear of man interfere with our eternal salvation how sad will be the day when we are set before the judgement bar and he asks, why did you not follow me, you were ready, why did you not love me. I feel like my eyes have been opened to an even greater eternal perspective here on the mission words cannot describe. I will never, ever, ever deny my faith and I will defend my Savior until the end. Spanish is going great, I can talk to people like a real person now, so thats awesome! I never want to leave the mission haha, its been 4 months and I feel like its been a week.... stay strong my family and friends. Vale la Pena. cuidese y les quiero mucho hermana waddell


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